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Adventure hunter suppressor

Adventure Hunter Suppressors

The Adventure Hunter Suppressors are designed by hunters, for hunters. At only 6.5" in length and 10 ounces of weight, these suppressors are designed specifically for hunters who are willing to sacrifice a little in terms of noise reduction, to get a smaller and more compact suppressor that still improves accuracy, significantly reduces recoil and provides the shooter with less damage to hearing while in the field.

After selecting the model of suppressor you wish to purchase, pay for it online and we will be in contact by phone to arrange for immediate Form 3 transfer of your suppressor to your local Silencer Shop Kiosk dealer (or other licensed FFL SOT dealer)

Once your local dealer has received the suppressor you can pay the $200 tax stamp fee and complete your Form 4 application. We recommend the Silencer Shop Kiosk dealers if there is one available in your area. Those Form 4 applications are faster and easier to complete and turn around time on Form 4 applications for tax stamps seem to be coming back 1-2 months faster. We have these suppressors in stock and once payment is received we plan to Form 3 transfer and ship the suppressor to your local dealer as quickly as possible, sometimes within 24-48 hours!