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Trophy Room Submission on Jun-22-2022|12:23:47:614496
I took this bear on the last day of my five day hunt on the north end of Vancouver Island, BC. It also happened to be the last day of the spring black bear season. I shoot a Fierce Rival chambered in 300 win mag using 200 grain Nosler Accubond bullet provided by Pendelton Ammo.
Trophy Room Submission on Oct-04-2023|9:10:50:660007
It took 28 years to draw an instate Oklahoma once in a lufetime antelope tag; I journeyed to the panhandle of OK for this hunt over Labor Day weekend. I used a Savage .308, that Pendleton Ammo had mounted a Burris scope and developed a load of 180 grain Barnes TSX. The buck rose to his feet just as I finished my crawl into position; a 228 yard shot brought the buck immediately down. Thanks Pendleton Ammo for helping make this once in a lifetime hunt successful!
Trophy Room Submission on Jun-17-2022|8:28:55:287946
I wanted to share a couple of photos of the black bear I took on the north end of Vancouver Island. I got this big guy near the Oyster River. The bear measured 6’ 8”. Taken with my 300 Win Mag and shooting Pendleton Ammo with a 200 grain Nosler Accubond bullet. It worked wonderfully as I shot this bear at 180 yards. One shot one kill. Thanks, Anthony Chrestler
Trophy Room Submission on Mar-04-2022|11:25:43:764539
Dear Steve and Crew: Thanks so much for going above and beyond in processing my order quickly. The 270 WSM 145 grain ELDX handloads you created for us performed great, and allowed my son, Ty, to put his White Sands Missile Range New Mexico 35" bull oryx down with a single shot from 346 yards. The bullet mushroomed beautifully and was recovered intact from just under the hide between ribs on the far side of the body. Thanks for your commitment to the highest quality ammunition and service. -- Kris Johnson, Hope, NM
Trophy Room Submission on Feb-02-2020
Story attached
Trophy Room Submission on Jan-07-2021
My daughter Kenzi was able to experience an axis deer hunt in Texas in 2020; this was an extra special hunt for her as myself and her mom were part of her "hunting team". You see, Kenzi has cerebral palsy and has been confined to a wheelchair all of her life; she uses a vacuum air actuator to fire the weapon (when she sucks on the vacuum tube, a connected 12v battery changes the vacuum to an electronic signal which pushes the trigger actuator on the trigger guard mounted system). She watches all of the action on a tablet for which the scope view is transmitted wirelessly to the tablet. The first evening hunt found us evaluating axis does and a good buck from far distance with no shot opportunities. The next morning, we were set up before light in a brush made blind. As the sun slowly lifted in the sky, an axis buck presented itself with another older buck coming in a little later. This buck looked to be an older buck and present itself for a shot opportunity. The Pendleton .308 ammunition found it's mark and the hunt was over and the work began. The Pendleton ammunition along with their Load Development service, mounting of the rifle scope, and finding the exact Pendleton ammunition which grouped best, and shipping the complete rifle package and ammunition directly to me was a great service. When you're dealing with what may of may not be the hunt of a lifetime, the Pendleton ammunition delivered one for the memory books and for the freezer! Thank you Pendleton Ammunition!
Trophy Room Submission on Sep-26-2020
Just want to say thanks for the awesome load development and bullet recommendation. Worked perfectly. Recovered from off shoulder against hide
Trophy Room Submission on Feb-25-2020
I shot this buck with my Bergara HMR chambered in .308 Win the Pendleton Ammunition 180 grain TTSX bullets at 278 yards.
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