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Ammunition made Specifically for Your Rifle

Load development is a simple and very effective way for you to get the most out of your rifle. The steps are very simple and we do all the work. You ship us your rifle and our professional load development staff takes the gun to the range and shoots a variety of bullets and loads until we find a bullet your gun likes the best, then we fine-tune that load until your rifle is shooting the tightest groups possible with hunting ammunition, usually inside .50 MOA accuracy. Then we sight your rifle in and ship it back to you ready to go to the range!

Load Development 2


​PACKAGE - $650-$850

(1) Standard Calibers .22-250 to 6.5 Creedmoor - $650.00
(2) Standard Calibers 6.5 PRC up to larger Non-Magnum Calibers - $750.00
(3) Standard Magnum Calibers Rifles - $850.00
*Wildcat Calibers, .50 BMG, and other specialty calibers call for estimate on load development


  1. Professional Inspection of Firearm and Optics, suggested upgrades and repairs if required.
  2. Full workup of various high-quality bullets specific to the shooting needs of the customer (hunting, target, etc...) GOAL IS SUB .50 MOA, Guaranteed Sub MOA results for custom rifles.
  3. Sight-In of Rifle at 100 Yards (longer range sight in and/or scope development is an extra charge)
  4. Copies of Targets Provided on Request with all Rifles Upon Completion of Load Development.
  5. All ammo is shot over two chronographs and ballistic data is provided with each rifle on the ammo boxes.
  6. Minimum of Five Boxes of Ammo must be ordered at the completion of the load development process

Ordering ten boxes or more of ammo is ideal for consistency as all the brass, bullets, powder, etc... all come from the same runs and are loaded at the same time, by the same person, and with precision in mind.

Shooting Disclaimer and Other Services Offered

Note: All rifles and load develop shooting are done at 100 yards and targets are returned with the rifle as proof of performance and rifles are sighted in at 100 yards when we ship them back to the owner. We do not shoot the rifles at extended distances as part of the basic load development process. However these are services that are available at an additional cost - WE OFFER custom scope turrets, long-range sight in, and any gunsmithing which we can outsource to a trusted partner in the industry. Please call our office for details at 1-800-303-1304.

Please note that we do not provide the load data (recipe) for customers to do their own reloading in these packages. If you are interested in having us develop a load in your rifle so you can hand load your own ammo, please contact our office for a cost. This is usually between $1,000 to $1,500 load development fee depending on the caliber.

Multi-Rifle Discounts: Please Inquire about our Multi-Rifle Discounts for customers who send in more than one rifle at a time for load development. Guns must be sent in together for the discount.

Notice: Some rifles are not capable of shooting accurately and we don't know this until we start shooting the rifle. If we go through a complete load development and are unable to make your rifle shoot sub MOA we will send the rifle back to you with a credit to send in another gun in its place. However, we do not refund the load development fees due to the high cost and amount of ammunition we shoot during the load development process. It is expensive and time-consuming.