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Why Shoot Hand Loaded Ammunition?

The question is one that we get asked all the time - and the answer is simple. Machine loaded, factory ammunition is mass produced. A machine pulls the brass, primers it, and sends it down an assembly line for powder to be splashed in and a bullet stuffed home. No one measures the case, weighs the bullet, no one checks to make sure the powder charge is correct or that the overall length of the bullet was correct in the end. Hand Loaded ammo is far more consistent and will improve your rifle's performance and your shooting ability. And better accuracy means more tags filled.

Why is Hand Loaded Ammunition More Expensive than Factory Ammo?

Because we load each round by hand and not on an assembly line or by a machine - the cost to produce each round is approximately 25%-30% higher. However the consistency of the ammunition and the quality of the final round produced is well worth the added expense... if accuracy is important to you.

Do you only Load Hunting Ammunition?

We primarily load hunting ammunition, however on a custom basis we will develop loads and help PRS and bench shooters achieve precision accuracy with their rifles. This is done on a case by case basis.

Why should I send my rifle in for a custom load development?

All rifles shoot ammunition differently and by sending your rifle in for a custom load development we can create a load specifically for your gun. Then keep that "recipe" on file so that we can replicate the ammunition for you as needed in the future. This is the best way to get the best performance out of your rifle.