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Burris Eliminator V (w/ free pre-programming option) - $1,999.00

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The Eliminator 5 features the same more powerful laser range finder as the IV, which allows the shooter to range targets at extended distances out to 2,000 yards (and beyond) and the same enhanced ballistic calculator with more data and faster-aiming solutions than ever before.

However, the Eliminator 5 has an increased 5-20x50mm magnification range AND greatly improved optical clarity. Burris Optics took the quality of the top of the line optics and added it to the Eliminator 5 scope making this version of the world class laser range finding scope the best one yet, by a long shot.

And if you order this scope and want a custom pre-programming done to match the ballistics of your rifle and ammunition, please comment in the appropriate box during check out and someone will call you to get the correct ballistics data. The scope will be programmed and all you will need to do is mount the scope and sight it in, the scope will be ready to do the rest.