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6.5 PRC

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The 6.5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) was developed as an option to the popular 6.5 Creedmoor caliber. It generally will have a muzzle velocity of 2950-3100+ FPS compared to 2730-2780 FPS in the Creedmoor shooting the same popular 140-147 grain bullet weights. This is an extremely accurate caliber that is available in more and more hunting rifles.

143 Grain ELD-X Bullets - Note that if you order the ammo with these bullets, they are the most in demand and ordered bullet selection. And while we load and send them out every week, you should expect 45-60 days minimum turn around on ammo orders with these bullets as we are always in a state of backorder. While the other bullet options are readily available.

120 gr Barnes TTSX
124 gr Hammer Hunter
127 gr Barnes LRX
147 gr DRT (G1 BC = .576 Ballistic Co-Efficient)

We are loading this ammo with the high quality and more expensive ADG brass on most occasions. Please note that this is a contributing factor to our current price increase on this ammunition. However, if you purchase this ammo and care for your spent brass, and only shoot it out of one gun we will do a reload on this brass for you after it is now "Fire Formed" in your rifle's chamber. Ship us the brass, we will prep and neck size/trim it and reload it for you. The accuracy will generally improve after you do this!