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.410 - 3" - TSS Turkey Shotgun Shells

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These loads were developed in the CVA .410 Scout shotguns and tested on both paper and live turkeys!
You can choose from 7/8 ounce Regular and Jet Fuel loads and we now have a ONE FULL OUNCE Jet Fuel load available in the drop down menu.
Read below before ordering your shotgun shells

#9 TSS load is deadly on the gobblers and we have killed big toms out to 45-50 yards! (and further)

PLEASE NOTE: Not all 410 shotguns were created or manufactured equally and while our original loads were planned as one fits all, we learned that some brands didn't handle the load as well as the CVA Scout shotguns in which we developed the original load. Your combination of gun, shell, and choke tube selection are very critical to how the ammo will perform. Remember, the tighter your choke, the more back pressure you create, and some shooters with budget model guns like Rossi that have a fixed choke or a very tight choke constriction have experienced pressure signs and blown primers when shooting our Jet Fuel loads.

To meet demand of a very broad market that features several 410 shotgun models, we offer BOTH the Standard Loads and the Jet Fuel Magnum Loads. These new loads have been pattern tested and did exceptionally well. But select your choice of shotgun shell very carefully and think about what gun and choke tube you are shooting. Be prepared to try different choke tubes in your gun to get the desired results and take full advantage of the tungsten super shot on your next turkey hunt.

* No refunds are allowed on ammo purchases