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.410 - 3" - TSS Turkey Shotgun Shells

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These loads were developed in the CVA .410 shotgun and tested on paper and live turkeys!
You can choose from 7/8 ounce and ONE FULL OUNCE loads in the drop down menu.

#9 TSS load is deadly on the gobblers and we have killed big toms out to 45-50 yards!

PLEASE NOTE: Not all 410 shotguns were created or manufactured equally and while our original loads were planned as one fits all, we learned that some brands didn't handle the load as well as the CVA Scout shotguns in which we developed the original load. Your combination of gun, shell, and choke tube selection are very critical to how the ammo will perform. Remember, the tighter your choke, the more pressure you create.

To meet demand we have now developed additional loads that perform without issue in Rossi, Stevens, Tri-Star and other brands of shotguns.
These new loads have been pattern tested and did exceptionally well. And starting April 21, 2023 all orders that come in will be filled with shells custom loaded to fit the brand of shotgun listed in your order. IF YOU DO NOT LIST A GUN MAKE/MODEL/CHOKE description in your order, your order will be fulfilled with the original load.