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.375 Ruger - BEAR HAMMER

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The .375 Ruger is a relatively new caliber compared to long time Alaskan 'ol reliables' like the .338 Win Mag and .375 H&H - however this caliber shoots the same BEAR HAMMER bullets as the .375 H&H with nearly identical ballistic results.

The basic ballistic data listed below will vary greatly based on the length of barrel (a lot of .375 Ruger rifles have a lot shorter barrels), chamber dimensions, etc... We see a tremendous variation of ballistics between rifles. If you want specific ballistic data to your rifle - you will need to shoot the ammo thru a chronograph.

270 Grain Swift A-Frame (2750-2850+ FPS Muzzle Velocity) + (4500-4900 Ft Lbs Energy)
300 Grain Swift A-Frame (2550-2650+ FPS Muzzle Velocity + (4300-4700 Ft Lbs Energy)