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Want to stop a big Alaskan brown bear in his tracks... hit him with a 270-300 grain Freight Train shot out of a 375 H&H Mag - this is the #1 back up caliber for Alaskan guides and professional hunters who have to stop wounded bears from getting them, and their clients. Our high energy, high velocity ammo is second to none. And we load the 375 H&H in both the 270 Grain and 300 Grain Swift A-Frame bullets.

The basic ballistic data listed below will vary greatly based on the length of barrel (a lot of .375 have shorter barrels), chamber dimensions, etc... We see a tremendous variation of ballistics between rifles. If you want specific ballistic data to your rifle - you will need to shoot the ammo thru a chronograph.

270 Grain Swift A-Frame (2750-2850+ FPS Muzzle Velocity) + (4500-4900 Ft Lbs Energy)
300 Grain Swift A-Frame (2550-2650+ FPS Muzzle Velocity + (4300-4700 Ft Lbs Energy)