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.300 Weatherby Mag - BEAR HAMMER

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A number of our clients want to use their .300 Weatherby Magnum rifles on grizzly/brown bear and even polar bear hunts. This caliber with the smaller bullets is often not adequate but when we load the guns with our 200 Grain A-Frame bullets - our BEAR HAMMER ammo is capable of taking even the largest of North America's bears. Make no mistake, the .300 Weatherby Mag will never have the same amount of energy or knock down power as a .338 Win Mag or .375 Win Mag rifle... but our BEAR HAMMER ammunition will get the most out of your .300 Weatherby Mag - the basic ballistics listed below will vary from gun to gun depending on your barrel length, chamber pressures, etc...

200 Grain Swift A-Frame (2850-2950+ FPS Muzzle Velocity) + (3600-3850 Ft Lbs Energy)