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.300 PRC

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This new PRC cartridge is taking the .300 magnum market by force - it's accurate and designed to shoot high BC heavy bullets way down range. This is a legit 1000 yard hunting round in the right hands. We have done extensive load development to make sure our 300 PRC ammo is of the highest quality.

We developed a load in the Christensen Arms rifles (specifically 1:8 Twist barrels) for the new 212 Gr Barnes LRX Bore Rider bullets. This load has shot consistently between 2825 and 2875 FPS with a G1 BC of .705, a true long range bullet and cartridge with the terminal performance of a Barnes bullet. Please note that the 212 Gr LRX bullets are loaded at 3.950" COAL which is much longer than most magazines will accept. Measure your gun's magazine before you order this ammo, or understand that these rounds will be single feed.