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The new .300 PRC caliber is adequate enough rifle to kill any black bear, grizzly/brown bear and even polar bear on the planet. And while it will never have the same amount of energy or knock down power as a .338 Win Mag or .375 Win Mag rifle... our BEAR HAMMER ammunition will get the most out of your .300 PRC when we load it with 200 grain Swift A-Frame high velocity bullets or the big heavy 220 grain Hornady ELD-X bullets - the basic ballistics listed below will vary from gun to gun depending on your barrel length, chamber pressures, etc...

200 Grain Swift A-Frame (2800-2900+ FPS Muzzle Velocity) + (3500-3750 Ft Lbs Energy)
220 Grain Hornady ELD-X (2850-2950 FPS Muzzle Velocity) + (3800-3900 Ft Lbs Energy)