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.30-06 Springfield - BEAR HAMMER

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This caliber has been a long time bear killer and loaded with 180-200 grain bullets this caliber has stopping power! And the A-Frame bullets shoot well enough to also be used for moose as well as elk, mule deer, whitetail, and other big game hunting. We offer the .30-06 ammo with both the 180 Gr and 200 Gr Swift A-Frame bullets. The basic ballistic data below will vary from rifle to rifle depending on barrel length, chamber pressures, etc...

180 Gr Swift A-Frame (2650-2750 FPS MUZZLE) + (2800-3050 FT LBS ENERGY)
200 Gr Swift A-frame (2500-2600 FPS MUZZLE) + (2700-3000 FT LBS ENERGY)