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.243 Winchester

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Our .243 Winchester ammo is available in several hunting bullets from 70 Grains to 103 Grains with the 90 Gr ELD-X being the most popular round we load.
Please note: Check your barrel twist rate before ordering ammo for 6mm/243 - you need to match your twist rate to bullet selection.

We have the 70 Gr Hammer Hunter bullet which is 100% lead free/All Copper design. It is ideal for California deer hunters, predator hunters, and anyone looking for a fast, flat shooting round. (Note this bullet is made for 1:10" twist or faster barrels)

The 103 Gr Hornady ELD-X bullets also shoot much better out of 1:10" or faster twist barrels, while all of our other bullet options shoot well out of standard 1:12" twist barrels which are the most common from the factory.