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20 Gauge - 3" - 1 5/8oz #9 TSS Turkey Load

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No doubt the best hand loaded TSS turkey loads on the planet for the 20 gauge shooters!

Both of our 20 Ga loads are 3 Inch shells with 1- 5/8 oz ‚Äč#9 TSS


This load was developed and tested to be a true 20 Ga super magnum turkey load. It has maximum effective range and pattern density, and incredible velocity. But it kicks like a mule and truly isn't a load that everyone should shoot. We have chronographed 1275-1500 FPS velocities at the muzzle with some long barrel shotguns achieving the extreme speeds.


This is more in line with other custom TSS 20 Ga ammunition on the market. It has 1100-1150 FPS velocities at the muzzle and patterns incredibly well. It has reasonable recoil and can be shot out of any gun.

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