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10 Gauge 3.5" - 2.5oz #9 - TSS Turkey Load

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Our 10 GA - 3 1/2" Magnum TTS turkey loads send 880 #9 pellets down range with documented killing power out to 80+ yards with the right shotgun, scope/sight and choke combination!

1150-1200+ FPS Muzzle Velocity

This ammo is all hand loaded using premium components. Our pattern testing has an average of 770-810 pellets inside the 20" circle at 40 yards,590-610 #9 pellets inside the 20" circle at 50 yards and 470-500 #9 pellets inside the 20" circle at 60 yards. We chronograph every shot and document everything to prove consistency in our ammunition. All official testing was done with a Browning GOLD NWTF shotgun and an Indian Creek choke.